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Seven years after its release, our original bibliography is endowed with a supplement we can call as substantial. Indeed, to the 2711 references of our first publication , we have addedalmost 1380 items that consist of genuine 916 new references and 462 old, that is to sayalready published in our original document, but largely increased or corrected.

We did not want to reprint all of our work for the sake of economy. That is why we oriented our solution as a supplement. This bias thus generates the following advantages and constraints. Readers should always consult the first volume published, then the second, toascertain at first if they find the object of their search and, if so, check in the second volume if there is some additional information.

In the event that the first search is futile, the reader should consult the supplement in the real hope of finding happiness in a collection containing more than 910 new entries.

On a practical level, heading numbering is absolutely unchanged, new entries are interspersed throughout and in alphabetical order, since their numbers are found accompanied by a lowercase letter of the alphabet. This gives the opportunity to insert between two references as many titles as there are letters in the alphabet (eg, 301, 301a, 301b, 301c, etc..).

For the rest, the thread of our work is exactly the same, we have listed below, not without having made some additions , the chapter named "guides and benchmarks" that appeared in the original bibliography review published in 2005.